Citation Edit

International Convention to Enhance Protection from Cyber Crime and Terrorism (2000) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The Stanford Draft of the "International Convention to Enhance Protection from Cyber Crime and Terrorism" was developed as a follow-up to a conference hosted at Stanford University on December 6-7, 1999. Members of government, industry, NGOs, and academia from many nations met at Stanford to discuss the growing problem of cybercrime and terrorism. A clear consensus emerged that greater international cooperation was required, and considerable agreement that a multilateral treaty focused on criminal abuse of cyber systems would help build the necessary cooperative framework.

External resources Edit

  • Marc D. Goodman & Susan W. Brenner, "The Emerging Consensus on Criminal Conduct in Cyberspace," 6 UCLA Journal of Law and Technology 70 (2002) (full-text).
  • Abraham D. Sofaer, "Toward an International Convention on Cyber Security," in Seymour/Goodman, The Transnational Dimension of Cyber Crime and Terror 225 (full-text).
  • ABA International Guide to Combating Cybercrime 78 (2002).

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