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Computing Edit

Interference means

(i) hindering, blocking, impeding, interrupting, or impairing the processing of, functioning of, access to, or confidentiality, integrity, or availability of a computer program, computer, computer system, network, computer data, content data, or traffic data by inputting, transmitting, damaging, deleting, destroying, deteriorating, altering, or suppressing computer data, content data, traffic data, a computer program, computer, computer system, or network, and/or (ii) corrupting, damaging, deleting, deteriorating, altering, or suppressing a computer program, computer data, content data, or traffic data.[1]

General Edit

Interference is "any electrical disturbance that causes undesirable responses in electronic equipment.[2]

Telecommunications Edit

Interference is

any unwanted radio frequency signal that prevents you from watching television, listening to your radio or stereo or talking on your cordless telephone. Interference may prevent reception altogether, cause only a temporary loss of a signal, or affect the quality of the sound or picture produced by your equipment.[3]

See also Radio frequency interference.

U.S. patent law Edit

An interference was a proceeding, conducted before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, to determine which of two or more parties was the first-to-invent commonly claimed subject matter.[4] Derivation proceedings to determine the "first inventor to file" are what will be left of interference proceedings when traditional interferences are gone under the America Invents Act (AIA).

References Edit

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