Overview Edit

The Interagency Gray Literature Working Group (IGLWG) was formed in February 1993 by the Director of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (D/FBIS) to develop a functional plan for acquiring, processing, and disseminating gray information throughout the Intelligence Community. The initial members of this Working Group included representatives from the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC), Army Materiel Command (AMC), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Community Open Source Program Office (COSPO), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), Department of the Army (DA), Department of Energy (DOE), Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), Library of Congress, National Air Intelligence Center (NAIC), National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), National Security Agency (NSA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

The "Gray Information Functional Plan" created by this group was approved by D/FBIS and D/COSPO and released in January 1995. It addresses issues of acquisition, processing, and dissemination. The plan listed ten key findings that represent the basic precepts for action to make gray information available to help fulfill intelligence needs.

Source Edit

  • Mason H. Soule and R. Paul Ryan, Gray Literature (full-text).

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