Overview Edit

The Inter-jurisdictional (or Pan-Canadian) Identity Management and Authentication Task Force was established by a council of Deputy Ministers across provincial, territorial and federal governments with responsibility for service delivery and supported throughout its six-month term by the Public Sector CIO Council and the Public Sector Service Delivery Council. The Task Force was established to develop a pan-Canadian strategy for identity management and authentication (IdM&A) that would facilitate seamless, cross-jurisdictional, citizen-centric, multi-channel service delivery.

The Task Force produced the following:

The final report, entitled A Pan-Canadian Strategy for Identity Management and Authentication provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation in Canada and recommendations for:

  • a Pan-Canadian vision and value proposition for IdM&A
  • a set of Pan-Canadian IdM&A guiding principles
  • a Pan-Canadian IdM&A Framework which would set the foundation for the development of interoperable standards, guidelines, models and architecture
  • a proposal for a interim governance structure, and
  • an action plan for moving forward collaboratively.

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