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Overview Edit

The Intelligence and Operations Framework System (IOFS) is being developed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). IOFS is a platform for temporary and permanent storage of data that is being developed into an analytical product that may be permanently stored as a case within IOFS or in another system. IOFS permits review and cross-referencing of analytical products and data from several different systems. IOFS permits CBP to relate information from several ATS modules (specifically ATS-P and ATS-Inbound) and portions of other CBP and federal agency systems (e.g., enforcement case tracking, Border Patrol Significant Incident Reports, and the Department of State’s Consolidated Consular Database (CCD), and the Passport Information Electronic Records System (PIERS) to support case development and collaboration between field and headquarters analytical staffs. IOFS supports the work of both Office of Field Operations officers and border patrol agents at the ports of entry, in the field, and in the National Targeting Centers.

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