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Intelink is

an intelligence community intranet service that is used by DOD and 13 civilian agencies to coordinate and share intelligence information in a secure manner.[1]

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Intelink is a group of secure intranets used by the U.S. Intelligence Community. The first Intelink network was established in 1994 to take advantage of Internet capabilities and services to promote intelligence dissemination and business workflow. Since then it has become an essential capability for the U.S. intelligence community and its partners to share information, collaborate across agencies, and conduct business.

Intelink refers to the web environment on protected top secret, secret, and unclassified networks. One of the key features of Intelink is Intellipedia, an online system for collaborative data sharing.

References Edit

  1. Internet Report, An Examination of the NS/EP Implications of Internet Technologies, at 7.

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