Overview Edit

In February 2013, the Secretaries of DOD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) changed the scope of the Integrated Electronic Health Record (iEHR) program — which was to include multiple increments — from an effort to develop a single, integrated DOD and VA [[health record system, to an effort to achieve interoperability by pursuing separate efforts to modernize or replace their existing DOD and VA health record systems.

The revised iEHR program is intended to provide the infrastructure and services for standardizing and integrating electronic healthcare data between DOD's and VA's systems. Specifically, increment 1 of iEHR is intended to provide DOD with seven capabilities: (1) enhance user sign-in, (2) enhance medical record views among multiple systems, (3) allow users to roam among multiple devices, (4) upgrade a DOD medical record database, (5) deploy a testing facility for DOD and VA electronic record integration, (6) develop a pilot to consolidate data centers, and (7) develop a pilot graphical user interface.

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