Overview Edit

The Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) is the E-Gov Initiative that aggregates federal acquisition content by providing one website for regulations, systems, resources, opportunities, and training. IAE was initiated to integrate, standardize, and streamline some of the many different acquisition data systems used throughout the government. The program was charged with identifying how information systems could be used to integrate the acquisition functions common to different agencies and to implement governmentwide data systems. Through IAE, the acquisition functions common to all agencies are now centrally managed as shared systems.

Development of IAE Edit

IAE has developed in two stages using different acquisition strategies. Initially, GSA focused on establishing a portfolio of standardized governmentwide systems through an acquisition strategy known as "adopt, adapt, acquire." Using this strategy, GSA adopted or adapted existing agency-specific systems for governmentwide use. If there was no viable system that could be adapted or adopted to meet an identified need, GSA acquired a new system. GSA also established an IAE funding strategy that consisted of contributions from agencies that use IAE systems.

In 2008, to further eliminate redundancy, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, GSA began consolidating its portfolio of systems into one integrated system called the System for Award Management (SAM). Unlike the existing systems (sometimes called legacy systems) in which a single contractor designed, developed, and operated each of them, IAE relies on multiple vendors to perform these same tasks for SAM. The intent of this approach is to enhance competition and innovation and for the government to own the software associated with the system. SAM will be developed in phases. In each phase, capabilities from selected IAE systems will be added to SAM and those legacy systems will then be shut down.

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