Overview Edit

The Brazilian Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro (ITS) is a non-profit independent think-tank. The ITS team, for more than ten years, has developed an expertise in:

(i) identifying emerging technology opportunities and challenges with broad social and economic ramifications and performing initial research to make clear the range of issues to be addressed;
(ii) analyze these issues from multiple perspectives (legal, economic, social, cultural), highlighting critical aspects, particularly where they may restrict fundamental rights or widen social inequalities;
(iii) make the issues involved — promises and threats — clear to policy makers, other experts, activists and the general public at national, regional and international levels;
(iv) mobilize progressive forces to capture value or oppose threats, and design collaborations between competing interests for the public good; and
(v) bring independent expertise and perspectives into working partnership with universities, civil society actors, the private sector and government agencies.

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