Citation Edit

Deborah Kirkman, Inputs and Recommendations for the Federal Aviation Administration UAS Integration Strategy: 2014–2019 (MITRE Corp.) (Aug. 2014) (not available online).

Overview Edit

This internal FAA report was intended to assist FAA's development of the key components of an implementation plan. This report suggested that among other actions the FAA’s implementation plan should:

  • identify the tasks necessary, responsibilities, resources, and expected time frames for incremental expansion of UAS operations;
  • clarify the priorities for aligning internal resources in support of near-term and long-term integration efforts and provide consistent communication with external stakeholders on the expected progress, cost, and extent of UAS integration during these time periods;
  • align resources supporting UAS integration including allocation of FAA personnel and funds used for contracts and to acquire systems and services in support of integration; and
  • establish the operational, performance, and safety data needed and also the associated infrastructure for collecting, storing, disseminating, and analyzing data, actions that could be a component of an implementation plan.

Source Edit

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