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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and SRI International have formed a working forum called the Infosec Technology Transition Council (ITTC) (originally the "Identity Theft Technology Council"), where experts and leaders from government, private, financial, IT, venture-capital, academic, and science sectors come together several times each year in the California Bay Area to address a variety of problems related to cybersecurity, such as malware, identity theft, criminal activity on the Internet, and other forms of untrustworthiness.

The primary objective of ITTC is to identify proactive IT security solutions and to assist in the acceleration of their development and deployment into the market place. Seasoned professionals in IT security and law enforcement, together with representatives from academia and science, have strategically aligned themselves with subject-matter experts and organizations to pursue this objective. A key component to the success of the ITTC public-private partnership is its ability to work actively with leaders in the community who are principals of change in an effort to better protect our communities and corporations from attacks against their critical infrastructures.

The subject-matter experts of the ITTC seek to share information that will assist in the discovery, development, deployment, and due diligence of next-generation technologies best suited to protecting our critical infrastructures and serve our communities.

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