Definition Edit

Information delivery is

(1) An aggregation of functional entities that work together to plan and manage the transfer of data to and from application entities. The functions that are used to perform information delivery are resource monitoring, policy services, profile management, and delivery planning. (2) A process by which information providers and information users apply available information infrastructure to enable the dissemination of information, in accordance with validated profiles, consistent with commanders' policies for information transfer. The process includes translation of queries and data formats (mediation), if required, to accommodate inconsistencies between source and user systems, and subordinate delivery processes at provider locations, at intermediate waypoints within the infrastructure, and at user sites.[1]

References Edit

  1. Capstone Requirements Document: Global Information Grid (GIG) 73 (JROCM 134-01) (Aug. 30, 2001) (unclassified) (full-text).

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