Citation Edit

General Accounting Office, Information Technology: Federal Policies and Practices for Acquiring Information Technology Can Be Improved (June 13, 1984) (not available online).

Overview Edit

In an address by the Comptroller General, comments were made regarding potential improvements in the government's efforts to acquire information technology. It was noted that: (1) it is necessary for the government to reform its financial management system; (2) to accomplish reform, a comprehensive, integrated approach will be necessary; (3) proper utilization of information technology resources will increase the success of financial management reform; and (4) while federal acquisition of information technology has improved, problems remain, including a long and often costly procurement process, limited competition, and failure to meet agency mission needs.

In addition, it was noted that agency managers can improve the acquisition of information technology by: (1) improving coordination with central management agencies; (2) improving information exchange to facilitate the adoption of good planning and acquisition practices; and (3) putting incentives in Senior Executive Service contracts for rewarding achievement of acquisition goals. The GAO has directed substantial resources into oversight of federal acquisition of information technology.

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