Overview Edit

In response to Joint Vision 2010, promulgated by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, a plan was generated by the Director, J6, Joint Staff, to conduct a family of Information Superiority Experiments (ISXs). These experiments were structured to address many of the highest priority issues identified during the Quadrennial Defense Review. To initiate this experimentation program, ISX 1.1 was conducted late in the Summer of 1998 in concert with the USAF Expeditionary Force Experiment (EFX) 98. The broad objectives of ISX 1.1 were two-fold. Substantively, ISX 1.1 was to confirm the hypothesis that information from multiple sources could be fused into engagement quality data and distributed in real time to achieve joint suppression of enemy air defenses (JSEAD) mission objectives against mobile medium-to-high altitude surface to air missiles (SAMs). Second, since this was the first in a planned set of experiments, there was interest in deriving lessons learned to support the efficient and effective performance of future ISXs.

Source Edit

Drs. David S. Alberts, F. Russell Richards & Stuart H. Starr, "Lessons Learned from Information Superiority Experiment 1.1 (ISX 1.1)" 1 (1999) (full-text).

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