Overview Edit

The Information Sharing and Access Interagency Policy Committee (ISA IPC) (formerly the Information Sharing Council) serves as the National Security Staff focal point for issues related to information sharing. Its focus extends beyond terrorism-related issues to a broad range of information sharing issues that impact national security.

The ISA IPC is charged with leading an interagency policy process to identify information sharing and access priorities to more fully address the needs of federal, state, local, tribal, and private sector stakeholders while protecting privacy and civil liberties. It holds responsibilities to advise the President and the Program Manager on the development of Information Sharing Environment (ISE) policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards, and to ensure proper coordination among federal agencies participating in the ISE.

The ISA-IPC develops strategic, cross-cutting approaches to address information sharing and safeguarding policy matters related to national security. The ISA-IPC is comprised of federal ISE mission partners, and is supported by subcommittees and working groups with federal, state, local, and tribal participation. The ISA-IPC is co-chaired by the White House National Security Council staff and the Program Manager for the ISE at the ODNI.

Sources Edit

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