Overview Edit

The Information Sharing Policy Board (ISPB) is the FBI’s primary authority for information and intelligence sharing policy. The Board was chartered by the FBI Director in 2005 to develop FBI policy for external and internal information sharing from an intelligence and operational mission perspective. The Board is chaired by the Executive Assistant Director for the National Security Branch, and is supported by the Access Policy Group (APG).

The ISPB’s primary goal is to initiate, develop, enact, monitor, and maintain the policies, decisions, and relevant procedures concerning substantive criminal and intelligence information sharing. The Board evaluates business practices that bear on information and intelligence sharing and provides policy direction to produce a mission-driven information exchange across all FBI components and external partners. It supports corporate policy development to promote broader perspectives, while tracking individual projects and programs for impact on enterprise philosophy and equities.

Source Edit

Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Information Sharing Report 2010 (full-text).

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