Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, Information Security: NASA Needs to Remedy Vulnerabilities in Key Networks (GAO-10-4) (Oct. 15, 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The objectives of this analysis was to (1) assess the effectiveness of NASA’s information security controls in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its networks supporting mission directorates and (2) assess the vulnerabilities identified during the audit in the context of NASA’s prior security incidents and corrective actions.

To accomplish these objectives, the GAO examined computer security controls on networks at three centers supporting NASA’s mission directorates to see whether resources and information were safeguarded and protected from unauthorized access. The GAO conducted vulnerability assessments of network security with the knowledge of NASA officials, but did not perform unannounced penetration testing during this review. The GAO also reviewed and analyzed NASA’s security policies, plans, and reports.

The GAO recommended that the NASA Administrator take steps to mitigate control vulnerabilities and fully implement a comprehensive information security program.

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