Citation Edit

Office of Management and Budget, Information Quality: A Report to Congress (Apr. 30, 2004) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This report from the OMB responds to a request from Congress to provide information "on whether agencies have been properly responsive to public requests for correction of information pursuant to the FDQA (Federal Data Quality Act, commonly referred to as the Information Quality Act), and suggest changes that should be made to the FDQA or OMB guidelines to improve the accuracy and transparency of agency science."

The report is based on two distinct types of information. The first category of information consists of the FY03 Information Quality Reports that the agencies provided to OMB. These agency reports document the breadth of correction and appeal requests that agencies have received in the first year of implementation of the Information Quality Act.

The second category of information comprises the experiences and insights from OMB staff who have worked with the agencies to oversee the implementation of the government-wide Information Quality Guidelines. It is from these experiences that OMB offers suggestions for improving the accuracy and transparency of government science.

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