Citation Edit

Dr. Ian Reinecke, Information Policy and E-Governance in the Australian Government: Report (Mar. 2009; updated as at July 31, 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The report was commissioned to provide:

  • a review of current information activities and policy development across government;
  • advice on how information policy and access to Commonwealth information could be better coordinated within Government; and
  • advice on the role and responsibilities for the Information Commissioner as the chief executive of the proposed new statutory agency, the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC), within the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio including:
1. how current information activities and policy development would interact with and relate to the role of the Information Commissioner;
2. responsibilities in promoting accessibility and access to Commonwealth information through the proposed agency publication scheme, or other measures such as setting general information disclosure protocols, auditing information disclosure and overseeing e-governance protocols;
3. ensuring effective open access to government information for re-use by business and the community.

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