Definition Edit

Influence operations are the

employment of capabilities to affect behaviors, protect operations, communicate commander’s intent, and project accurate information to achieve desired effects across the cognitive domain. These effects should result in differing behavior or a change in the adversary decision cycle. . . .[1]

Overview Edit

The military capabilities of influence operations are psychological operations (PSYOP), military deception (MILDEC), operations security (OPSEC), counterintelligence (CI) operations, counterpropaganda operations and public affairs (PA) operations.[2]

Although influence operations are still frequently referred to as “psychological operations,” the technical name for these activities has now been changed to Military Information Support Operations (MISO).

References Edit

  1. Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5, Information Operations 5 (Jan. 11, 2005) (full-text).
  2. Id.

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