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Overview Edit

Established in 2012, the Industry Botnet Group is a voluntary group of companies, trade associations and non-profit organizations that collaborate, share expertise and aggregate resources to combat botnets.

The goals of the IBG are:

  • Develop principles to guide voluntary anti-botnet efforts throughout the ecosystem.
  • Create a framework for understanding how participants in the ecosystem can interact with each other and their customers to address botnets.
  • Establish a strategy for educating end users about the botnet threat.
  • Aggregate resources to help IBG members more effectively educate and assist their customers.
  • Identify techniques and metrics for measuring the extent of the botnet threat and the effectiveness of interventions.

External link Edit

  • Industry Botnet Group, Principles for Voluntary Efforts to Reduce the Impact of Botnets in Cyberspace (full-text).

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