Definition Edit

In the Matter of Epic Marketplace, Inc., and Epic Media Group, LLC, FTC File No. 112 3182, decision and order (Mar. 13, 2013).

Overview Edit

In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took an enforcement action against Epic Marketplace, a large online advertising network, for deceptively failing to disclose its use of history-sniffing technology.

The company allegedly collected data about the web sites that consumers were visiting, including sites relating to potentially sensitive topics such as impotence, menopause, disability insurance, debt relief, and personal bankruptcy. Epic Marketplace used this information to assign consumers into interest segments that were used to target advertising.

The FTC alleged that Epic Marketplace's use of history-sniffing technology was deceptive because it collected data about sites outside of its network that consumers had visited, contrary to Epic's privacy policy, which represented that it would collect information only about consumers' visits to websites in its network.

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