Citation Edit

Federal Rights-of-Way Working Group, Improving Rights-of-Way Management Across Federal Lands: A Roadmap for Greater Broadband Deployment (Apr. 23, 2004) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The report sets forth specific recommendations in four main areas:

(1) Information Access and Collection — to streamline and standardize applications to reduce the administrative burden and costs on broadband providers.
(2) Timely Process — to speed Federal agencies' consideration of rights-of-way applications.
(3) Fees — to ensure that fees charged by Federal agencies are reasonable and appropriate.
(4) Compliance — to ensure that Federal agencies have the proper tools to promote compliance with rights-of-way grants or permits.

These recommendations were designed to assist Federal agencies in efficiently and effectively performing their vital role as stewards of the public lands, while working cooperatively with industry to spur broadband deployment.

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