Citation Edit

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), Implementing Instruction For Information Warfare/Command And Control Warfare (IW/C2W) (OPNAVINST 3430.26) (Jan. 18, 1995) (full-text).

Overview Edit

The purpose of this document is to issue implementation guidance and organizational relationships for IW/C2W.

Information warfare is the action taken in support of national security strategy to seize and maintain a decisive advantage by attacking an adversary's information infrastructure through exploitation, denial, and influence, while protecting friendly information systems. C2W is the action taken by the military commander to realize the practical effects of IW on the battlefield. It involves both offensive and defensive aspects: It encompasses actions that deny adversary Command and Control (counter-C2), while protecting friendly Command and Control (C2-protection).

As defined, C2W integrates physical destruction of enemy C2 targets, electronic warfare (EW), military deception, psychological operations (PSYOP), and operations security (OPSEC). Navy C2W encompasses these disciplines and uses surveillance, intelligence, communications, computers, and database management to ensure effective C2W execution.

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