Citation Edit

Immunomedics, Inc. v. Doe, 342 N.J. Super. 160, 775 A.2d 773 (2001)(full-text).

Appellate Court Proceedings Edit

The plaintiff company established a prima facie cause of action for breach of a confidentiality agreement by an employee suspected of revealing proprietary information on a Yahoo! finance message board. The court did not analyze the harm asserted by Immunomedics. The court held that corporation's right to disclosure of the user's identity outweighed the user's First Amendment right of anonymous free speech.

It also emphasized that the defendant would not be permitted to present evidence to disprove the plaintiff's claims prior to her identity being disclosed by the ISP, as that would afford the her an unfair defense advantage.[1]

References Edit

  1. 342 N.J. Super. at 778.

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