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Since October 2008 there has been an Identity Theft Enforcement Interagency Working Group. This working group, which the Fraud Section of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division chairs, meets monthly in Washington, D.C. to bring together all of the principal federal law enforcement, regulatory, and executive departments and agencies for regular information exchanges on key trends and developments in identity-related crime.

Each month, the Working Group has presentations, either in person or by videoconference, from Assistant U.S. Attorneys in various districts across the United States. These presentations, in which field-office representatives of federal investigative agencies sometimes participate, provide the Working Group with regular updates on key identity-related crime trends across the country. In addition, the Working Group discusses developments relating to law enforcement responses to identity-related crime, identity-related crime victim issues, legal and legislative concerns, and training or other activities in which agency members may wish to participate.

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