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The iTunes Jukebox is application software that enables users to interface with the iTunes Store and also allows them to store, catalog, and play back music downloaded to their personal computers and to shuttle music to portable devices, such as the Apple iPod. The software works on computer running either the Macintosh OS X or Microsoft Windows operating systems and primarily functions as a digital media player.

Using the software, consumers can browse in the iTunes Store, find music with its search engine, listen to short song samples, learn more about new releases, and read reviews from other users about songs or artists of interest to them. It also acts as a powerful cataloging tool — it allows users to collate and organize their existing personal music collections on their computers. When first downloaded, the iTunes Jukebox finds and sorts any digitally encoded music stored on the computer's hard drive and collates it into a personal library accessible through the iTunes Jukebox interface. It allows users to convert music from their personal CDs into digital files for storage on their computer and import that music into their library in a choice of digital formats. Once music is in the user's personal iTunes library, it can either be played back through the computer or transferred or "synched" to as portable music player.

The iTunes Jukebox can play back CDs, music encoded or compressed in a variety of different formats (including but not limited to MP3 and the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) formats), and video files encoded in either the MPEG-4 or H.264 format.

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