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Citation Edit

ISO/IEC 19086: Information Technology-Distributed Application Platforms and Services-Cloud Computing-Service Level Agreement (SLA) Framework and Terminology (abtract).

Overview Edit

This international standard has three parts, where Part 1 specifies an overview of SLAs for cloud services, identification of the relationship between the master service agreement and the SLA, SLA concepts and requirements that can be used to build SLAs, and terms and metrics commonly used in SLAs for cloud services. This standard is for the benefit and use of both the provider and customer. Part 2 specifies a model and metrics for describing and measuring properties of the concepts and components in ISO/IEC 19086. This standard is for the benefit and use of both the provider and customer, and Part 3 specifies core conformance requirements for SLAs for cloud services for ISO/IEC 19086.

This standard is currently under development.

Source Edit

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