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IRS Can Better Plan For and Control Its ADP Resources

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Citation Edit

General Accounting Office, IRS Can Better Plan For and Control Its ADP Resources (GGD-79-48) (June 18, 1979) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This report suggested ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Revenue Service's ADP operations. IRS needed to do more to perfect its strategy for acquiring and using data processing resources. The agency needed to improve

Various studies and reviews had shown that IRS lacked a formal ADP planning system capable of (1) assuring senior managers' involvement and participation, (2) allocating ADP resources equitably among users, (3) ranking requests for new applications, and (4) fostering cost consciousness among users.

In March 1979, IRS established an ADP policy resource board to respond to these problems. More, however, was needed to improve management's overall control over, and planning for, ADP resources.

At the time of this review IRS did not have an ADP cost accounting system to determine the (1) full cost of new systems, (2) relative worth of existing systems, and (3) total ADP cost of IRS programs. Allocating and measuring total ADP costs, as IRS internal reviews had recognized, would foster a greater cost consciousness among users and probably assure more efficient use of current resources as well as limit requests for additional services to those absolutely necessary.

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