Overview Edit

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's ICE Cyber Crime Center was established in 1997 to combat crimes committed on, or facilitated by, the Internet. It brings together highly technical assets dedicated to conducting trans-border criminal investigations of Internet-related crimes within the ICE portfolio of immigration and customs authorities. It is is responsible for identifying and targeting any cybercrime activity in which ICE has jurisdiction.

It’s current mission is fourfold: (1) keep pace with emerging computer technology and Internet processes; (2) proactively use these new technologies to combat criminal activity and address vulnerabilities created by the Internet; (3) disseminate to field offices and worldwide law enforcement and intelligence organizations the most current trends, risks, procedures, lessons learned, and investigative leads; and (4) support investigations into online criminal activities and vulnerabilities with state-of-the-art cyber investigative methods and forensic techniques. To accomplish this mission, the Cyber Crime Center’s assets are divided into four sections: the Child Exploitation Section, Cyber Crimes Section, Cyber Training Section, and Computer Forensics Section.

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