Overview Edit

The ICANN country code Name Supporting Organization is a body within the ICANN structure created for and by ccTLD managers. Established in 2003, the ccNSO provides a forum for country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) managers to meet and discuss topical issues of concern to ccTLDs from a global perspective.

The ccNSO provides a platform to nurture consensus, technical cooperation and skill building among ccTLDs and facilitates the development of voluntary best practices for ccTLD managers. It is also responsible for developing and recommending global policies to the ICANN Board for a limited set of issues relating to ccTLDs, such as the introduction of Internationalised Domain Name ccTLDs (IDN ccTLDs). Through the ccNSO, ccTLD managers are also working together with other stakeholders and communities within the ICANN structure, such as the Government Advisory Committee (GAC), or the Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO).

The policy development process is managed by the ccNSO Council.

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