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Definitions Edit


Indications and warning (I&W)

[refers to] those intelligence activities intended to detect and report time-sensitive intelligence information on foreign developments that could involve a threat to the United States or allied and/or coalition military, political, or economic interests or to U.S. citizens abroad. It includes forewarning of enemy actions or intentions; the imminence of hostilities; insurgency; nuclear/non-nuclear attack on the United States, its overseas forces, or allied/coalition nations; hostile reactions to U.S. reconnaissance activities; terrorists' attacks; and other similar events.[1]
[is] a generic term usually associated with intelligence activities needed to detect and report time-sensitive knowledge on foreign events that could threaten a country's allies, its citizens abroad, or the country's military, economic, or political interests.[2]

References Edit

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  2. Intelligence Warning Terminology, at 21.

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