Definitions Edit

Hypertext is

text, or other information, which links to other information. It is a method of information storage and retrieval where information is not stored linearly, but at different levels, so that the user can obtain increasingly detailed levels of information on specific issues, questions or words only when he/she requests it.
nonsequential writing — text that branches and allows choice to the reader, best read at an interactive screen.[1]
[a] programming system, which automatically links digitized text to other information sources, . . .[2]

Overview Edit

Originally it was used as a means for connecting information in textual form to other information in textual form — one document to another, and another, and another, etc. — hence the term hyperTEXT. Today the technique is to link together a variety of different kinds of content, not just text, but the term persists.

Hypertext "made possible the information retrieval method known as the World Wide Web."[3]

References Edit

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