Overview Edit

The Hyperconnected World Initiative is a joint effort by the World Economic Forum's Risk Response Network and IT Industry group. This project aims to:

  • Map highly interconnected key risks in the cyberspace and networked ecosystem and illustrate how they might unfold, while addressing the causes to identify effective intervention.
  • Share insights, approaches and tools on how to mitigate these risks in a timely and effective manner.
  • Explore measures and tools, while identifying spaces and action that create new opportunities for resilient responses, intervention and policy options.

To better understand systemic risk in this complex environment, the project endeavours to address the following impact domains as an entry point to systemic cyberspace and network risks:

  • Unclear responsibilities: Digital technologies are blurring traditional domain boundaries so that current regulatory frameworks leave the relative responsibilities of actors unclear.
  • Points of failure: What are the weak points in the evolving commercial, governance and social spaces? Can addressing one risk give rise to another?
  • Increased dependence: Industries, national governments and individuals are becoming more dependent on information technology. What are the implications of failure? Does this increased interdependence reduce resilience and the ability to manage risk?
  • Blind spots: What are the risks inherent in shared spaces that are not yet sufficiently apparent?

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