Definitions Edit

Information operations Edit

Human factors refer to the psychological, cultural, behavioral, and other human attributes that influence decision-making, the flow of information, and the interpretation of information by individuals or groups at any level in a state or organization.

Technology Edit

Human factors

refers broadly to how humans' abilities, characteristics, and limitations interact with the design of the equipment they use and the environments in which they function.[1]

Vehicle automation Edit

Human factors

relate to understanding the interaction(s) of humans with all aspects of an automated road transport system (ART), both from within a vehicle, when taking the role of a driver/operator and also as a road user, when interacting with automated vehicles. Knowledge and theories from social-psychological and behavioural sciences are useful to understand how humans interact with such systems.[2]

References Edit

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  2. Automated and Autonomous Driving: Regulation Under Uncertainty, at 12.

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