Overview Edit

The Human Resources Line of Business (HR LoB) leads the government-wide transformation of HR information technology by focusing on modernization, integration, and performance assessment. The HR LoB vision is to create government-wide, modern, cost-effective, standardized, and interoperable HR solutions to provide common core functionality to support the strategic management of HR through the establishment of a shared services delivery model for the Federal government.

The HR LoB has established six public and four private sector shared service centers (SSCs) to offer government-wide HR technology solutions, which frees up agency HR resources to provide valuable strategic and consultative support to agency missions. These SSCs leverage economies of scale, reduce costs, and increase the quality and consistency of HR services provided to agencies.

The HR LoB provides oversight of the SSCs through governance and performance assessments and supports agencies in their selection of and migration to SSCs consistent with the business model determined by the agency. The HR LoB initiative generates benefits through human resources information technology (HRIT) consolidation, standardization, and modernization.

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