Definitions Edit

A hotspot (also called a wi-fi hotspot or mobile hotspot) is

a small geographic area in which users can gain access to a Wi-Fi network which in turn connects to the Internet.[1]
[a] site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network; no other services or data are provided.[2]
a zone or area associated with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone, air card) allowing wireless connectivity to the Internet typically through a cellular connection.[3]

Overview Edit

Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology for the wireless network. Hotspots may be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments throughout much of North America and Europe.

At hot spot locations, consumers use mobile or portable devices, including laptops, cell phones and personal digital assistants, to obtain Internet access through wireless technologies. Often consumers subscribe to a particular service provider to obtain access to multiple hot spot locations, although access to the Internet is free of charge in some hot spot locations.

Generally hotspots do not encrypt the information sent over the internet and are not secure.

References Edit

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