Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, Homeland Security: DHS and TSA Face Challenges Overseeing Acquisition of Screening Technologies (GAO-12-644T) (May 9, 2012) (full-text).

Overview Edit

Within DHS, TSA is responsible for developing and acquiring new technologies to address transportation-related homeland security needs. TSA's acquisition programs represent billions of dollars in life-cycle costs and support a wide range of aviation security missions and investments, including technologies used to screen passengers and checked baggage such as advanced imaging technology (AIT) and explosive detection systems (EDS), among others. GAO's testimony addresses three key DHS and TSA challenges identified in past work: (1) developing and meeting technology program requirements, (2) overseeing and conducting testing of new screening technologies, and (3) identifying acquisition program baselines (or starting points), program schedules, and costs. This statement will also discuss recent DHS and TSA efforts to strengthen TSA's investment and acquisition processes.

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