Overview Edit

The mission of the Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) program is to investigate open security methods, models and technologies and identify viable and sustainable approaches that support national cyber security objectives. The foundational technology for the purposes of HOST is based on open source software.

HOST program activities include three key areas of focus:

  • Discovery: The HOST program will investigate new and existing open security projects and techniques that support and protect government cyber assets. This will be achieved in part through the development and sharing of comprehensive, public accessible inventory of open source projects, tools and applications as well as best practices and lessons learned.
  • Collaboration: Coordinating development activities and encouraging working relationships between public and private-sector research and development communities is core to increasing the sustainable use of Open Security Technology. Cross-industry events, designed to serve as platforms for collaboration, are already underway.
  • Investment: DHS is committed to providing seed investments in advanced research and development activities that support national cyber security objectives and have the potential to create sustainable project communities. This is achieved in part by enabling broad adoption and participation by public and private-sectors.

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