Overview Edit

The DHS Homeland Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center (HITRAC) is the Department's infrastructure-intelligence fusion center, incorporating analysts from the Office of Infrastructure Protection and the Office of Intelligence and Analysis. It conducts integrated threat and risk analyses for CIKR sectors. HITRAC is a joint intelligence center that spans both the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) — a member of the Intelligence Community — and IP.

As called for in section 201 of the Homeland Security Act, HITRAC brings together intelligence and infrastructure specialists to ensure a sufficient understanding of the risks to the nation’s CIKR from foreign and domestic threats. HITRAC works in partnership with the U.S. Intelligence Community and national law enforcement to integrate and analyze intelligence and law enforcement information in threat and risk analyses products. HITRAC also works in partnership with the SSAs and owners and operators to ensure that their expertise on infrastructure operations is integrated into HITRAC analyses.

HITRAC develops analytical products by combining threat assessments based on all-source information and intelligence analysis with vulnerability and consequence assessments. This process provides an understanding of the threats, CIKR vulnerabilities, and potential consequences of attacks and other hazards. Analyses may also include potential options for managing risk. This combination of intelligence and practical CIKR knowledge allows DHS to provide products that contain strategically relevant and actionable information.

It also allows DHS to identify intelligence collection requirements in conjunction with CIKR partners so that the Intelligence Community can provide the type of information necessary to support the CIKR risk management and protection missions. HITRAC coordinates closely with partners outside the federal government through the SSAs, SCCs, GCCs, Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs), State and Local Fusion Centers, and State Homeland Security Offices to ensure that its products are relevant to partner needs and are accessible.

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