Definition Edit

Holographic storage

[s]tores data on a holographic (3-dimensional) image by passing light through light-sensitive crystals that retain the light patterns. It will have multiple thousands of times more memory capacity and no mechanical movements. Large blocks of data can be written or read with a single read or write command as opposed to today’s 2-dimensional storage devices that read and write data one bit at a time. Researchers believe that a holographic data storage system in which thousands of pages (blocks of data), each containing a million bits, can be stored within the volume of a sugar cube. Ten gigabytes (GB) of data will fit in one cubic centimeter. Because holographic system can have no moving parts and its pages are accessed in parallel, it is estimated that data throughput on a holographic system can reach one gigabit per second.[1]

References Edit

  1. NIST Special Publication 800-88, at 6.

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