Citation Edit

Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology, High Performance Computing and Communications: Toward a National Information Structure (1993).

Overview Edit

This report describes the High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative of the Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology. This program is supportive of and coordinated with the National Information Infrastructure Initiative. Now halfway through its 5-year effort, the HPC program counts among its achievements more than a dozen high-performance computing centers in operation nationwide. Traffic on federally funded networks and the number of local and regional networks connected to these centers continues to double each year.

Teams of researchers have made substantial progress in adapting software for use on high-performance computer systems; and the base of researchers, educators, and students trained in HPC technologies has grown substantially. The five HPC program components in operation at present are: (1) scalable computing systems ranging from affordable workstations to large-scale high-performance systems; the National Research and Education Network; (3) the Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms program; (4) the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications program and(5) the Basic Research and Human Resources program. Components of each are reviewed. Twenty-five tables present program information, with 72 ilustrations.

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