Overview Edit

NITRD's High Confidence Software and Systems (HCSS) program supports R&D in scientific foundations and innovative and enabling software and hardware technologies for the design, control, assurance, verification and validation (V&V), and certification of complex, networked, distributed computing systems and cyber-physical (IT-enabled) systems such as aircraft and power grids.

To be capable of providing advanced services, these systems, including their software, must be reliable, predictable, adaptable, scalable, robust, safe, secure, stable, and in many cases, certifiably dependable. The goal of HCSS R&D is to provide a sound and practical technology base for deeply and fully integrating embedded computation and physical dynamics, networked communications, and control in a unified, coordinated, and continuous manner to routinely build high-confidence, optimally performing computing systems that interact properly with humans and the physical world in changing environments and unforeseen conditions. These systems, often components of larger physical and IT systems, are essential for effectively operating life-, safety-, security-, and mission-critical applications.

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