Definitions Edit

A heterogeneous network is a

[n]etwork consisting of a variety of computer systems. Typically, these types use the TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol) network communication protocol to get these systems operating together. Managing a heterogeneous network is difficult since each operating system has its own security system. How these operating systems interact as a whole will determine the effectiveness of the security system.[1]
network connecting computers and other devices with different operating systems and/or protocols. For example, local area networks (LANs) that connect Microsoft Windows and Linux-based personal computers with Apple Macintosh computers are heterogeneous. The word heterogeneous network is also used in wireless networks using different access technologies. For example, a wireless network which provides a service through a wireless LAN and is able to maintain the service when switching to a cellular network is called a wireless heterogeneous network.[2]

References Edit

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