Definition Edit

Groupware is

[s]oftware that allows a group of users to work on the same data through a network by facilitating file sharing and other forms of communication.[1]
[a] computer software program that allows the same information to be shared among several computer users simultaneously. With some applications, users can see each other and from their own computers, add to or edit text and graphics in a single document.[2]

Overview Edit

For example, basic groupware combines simple messaging software such as electronic mail with common databases of work records and memos. Workflow software allows processes to be redesigned and streamlined, and automatically routes work from employee to employee. Meeting and conferencing software and hardware facilitates conferencing with audio, video, or just simultaneous text entry. Finally, scheduling software coordinates meetings using each colleague’s electronic appointment book.

References Edit

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  2. Adult Literacy and New Technologies: Tools for a Lifetime, at 253.

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