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The group database registration option was first announced in 1989.[1] It has been used to register databases consisting predominantly of photographic images since at least 1997.[2] A published database may be registered as a compilation, and the group database registration provisions permit a single registration that covers up to three months' worth of updates and revisions to an automated database if all of the updates or other revisions (1) are owned by the same copyright claimant, (2) have the same general title, (3) are similar in their general content, including their subject, and (4) are similar in their organization.[3]

References Edit

  1. See Registration of Claims to Copyright Registration and Deposit of Databases, 54 Fed Reg. 13177 (Mar. 31, 1989).
  2. See, e.g., Registration No. VA 863–785 (Corbis Digital Online Update Group, from March 18–June 30, 1997) (effective date Nov. 6, 1997).
  3. 37 C.F.R. 202.3(b)(5).

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