Citation Edit

European Commission, Green Paper on Copyright and the Challenge of Technology: Copyright Issues Requiring Immediate Action (COM(88)172 final) (June 7, 1988) (full-text).

Overview Edit

This "Green Paper" was intended to constitute the basis of a broad consultation of interested circles. For this purpose, the paper contains an analysis, legal and economic, of the various priority issues in respect of which new technologies have raised questions.

In each chapter a number of legislative or technical solutions have been suggested so that future political decisions can establish the delicate balance which needs to be struck between the conflicting objectives, thereby promoting at the Community Level the protection, the increased status and the stimulation of intellectual and artistic creativity.

The Commission sought the views of interested parties on the following matters:

  1. the priorities to be given to the different aspects of reinforcement of intellectual property protection in the international context;
  2. the development by the GATT of new disciplines as regards the effective enforcement of intellectual property laws, in particular, copyright, as well as the adoption, as appropriate, of improved substantive standards;
  3. the more systematic use of bilateral relations, to ensure better protection in non-Member States of the intellectual and industrial property of Community right holders, particularly in the copyright field.

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