Definitions Edit

Data Edit

Granularity is

[a]n expression of the relative size of a data object; e.g., protection at the file level is considered coarse granularity, whereas protection at field level is considered to be of a finer granularity.[1]

General Edit

Granularity is "[t]he size and level of complexity of a resource."[2]

Geospatial Edit

Granularity is

the extent to which a system contains separate components, e.g., the fineness or coarseness with which data fields are subdivided in data collection, transmission, and storage systems. The more components in a system, the more flexible it is. In more general terms, the degree to which a volume of information is finely detailed.[3]
the level of detail of the organizational unit in information systems and is used to explain the difference between a system that, for example, treats a map as the information object and another system that treats the features within the datasets of the map as the information objects (i.e., at a more detailed level of granularity).[4]

Intelligence activities Edit


[c]onsiders the specific details and pieces of information, including nuances and situational inferences, that constitute the elements on which intelligence is developed through analysis.[5]

Security Edit

Granularity is

[t]he relative fineness or courseness by which a mechanism such as access controls can be adjusted to implement discretionary access requirements.[6]

Overview Edit

In more general terms, granularity is the degree to which a volume of information is finely detailed.

References Edit

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