Definition Edit

A Governmental Cloud (gov-Cloud) is a cloud computing system (an infrastructure, a platform and a set of core services) which generally satisfies the following characteristics:

A. The cloud services are private (single tenancy), community (agreed set of tenants) or public (multi tenancy) cloud to host processes and/or store data, to run eGovernment services and that can be controlled/monitored locally or in a centralised way by the public body;
B. It provides a set of "building blocks" reusable services to create eGovernment services for public administration, citizens and private companies;
C. It can be owned and managed by central government and/or external providers/ bodies. The central government or local bodies have the end responsibility (private or community deployment model);
D. There is a business model that allows operating the infrastructure, the platform and the services and in a way guaranteeing efficiency and economy of scale;
E. The infrastructure, the platform and the services are compliant with country governments and EU legislations on privacy, security and resiliency (location of the Gov-Cloud: on premises or off premises cloud).

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