Overview Edit

The Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative's (Global) Security Working Group (GSWG) pursues security measures necessary for today's enhanced information sharing abilities. Of particular importance is determining effective security standards for legacy networks/systems, as well as the new and enhanced networks and systems to which they are joined.

The mission of the GSWG is to enable the trusted sharing of justice information by recommending best practices for security guidelines, technologies, and procedures. The methodology will be to provide a security architecture and framework that meets the requirements of the justice community for trusted information sharing.

A prominent product of the GSWG is the "Applying Security Practices to Justice Information Sharing CD," Version 4.0. This CD was developed to educate justice executives and managers on good, basic, foundational security practices that they can deploy within their enterprise and between multiple enterprises. It includes background information, overviews of best practices, guidelines for secure information sharing, and fifteen identified security disciplines that span the important elements of an information security architecture. Developed as a reference tool for justice practitioners, it is neither intended as an in-depth security solution, nor as a detailed technical reference for system administrators.

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